Do you like collecting and buying cd’s, do you appreciate the value in having a sometimes obscure Cuban or Colombian songs?

For decades music has been an integral part of society. Music creates and reflects social conditions and also plays a role in social change. Thanks to technology and the internet most people have access to all kinds of music at a touch of a button 24/7.  However buying a cd, possessing the actual CD covers with its exclusive album art from a rare Latin American artist goes beyond words, and promote special meanings among Latin groups, nationalities and cultures.

CD’s and their covers produce a special kind of magic and memories for many people as well as induces a multitude of responses that include emotional, mood, psychological, behavioral, movement and cognitive. Classical music in particular promotes relaxation and well being, alleviates pain and anxiety through the particular production of endorphins. The therapeutic properties of music have long been recognized and explored in groups of subjects such as those suffering from chronic pain, those with brain damage and the elderly.

Never before has so many different types of CD covers and music been so easily accessible thanks to electronic and digital media which has given people access in their everyday lives. There are now CD’s, DVD’s, mp3’s, music videos, audio books, and special edition music collections. Music has become an integral tool used to promote our development and enhance our self presentation.

Music also plays an important part in early development as research has proved that it stimulates the foetus and young infants in that it promotes a sense of well being. It is a well documented fact that an early interaction between a mother and her infant has a musical quality that aids in the development of communication skills which later develops into a range of transferable and developmental skills.

The availability of such a vast selection of music and extraordinary covers encourages people to utilize music to alleviate boredom, change their mood and reduce stress while performing repetitive tedious tasks as well as create appropriate environments for social occasions. Overall, music and in particular the creation and availability of rare and original CD cover art has become an integral part of the music industry worldwide to enhance and bring back memories of the good old days.

Most recent CD covers feature airbrushed or edited photos of the artists, whereas collectible covers are far more creative in that they reflect the attitude, mood and feel of the music they promote. The most striking cover designs are those that depict the essence of the music as well as grab the buyer’s attention. For collectors in particular, striking cover designs make a huge difference and subsequently increases the demand for the particular artist and their music.

A stunning collectible CD cover makes browsing CD’s an enjoyable experience that reaches far beyond the album itself in many instances. However, the value of cover art is very subjective and personal and such collections are never complete. Browse through the exclusive catalogs online where you are guaranteed to find some of the rarest collections of CD covers and music. One last thing, do not take music for granted, as music gratifies the mind, body and spirit.